GymnasticBodies Seminars  UK July 2018 Level 1

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July 7-8, 2018 — Level 1

Complete Workshop Package

Two Day Seminar
at Royal Docks CrossFit

Train at Royal Docks CrossFit for a two day GymnasticBodies Seminar.

Foundations One &
Handstand One Courses

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Saturday & Sunday Morning session: 9am – 12pm Lunch: 12pm-1:30pm Afternooon session: 1:30pm-4:30pm Instructor: GB Staff

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Royal Docks CrossFit

Unit 1A, Warehouse K, 2 Western Gateway,
London, E16 1DR


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Transformation Begins Here! Study the Foundations of Gymnastic Strength Training (GST) with a True Expert

The worldwide GB Seminars are designed expressly for Crossfitters, Gymnasts, MMA, Olympic Lifters, Rock Climbers, Parkour, Free Running, Yoga and Fitness Enthusiasts to learn gymnastics strength training in a safe, professional, hands-on environment. Anyone who is committed to increasing their bodyweight strength mastery, mobility and quality of movement should make attending a definite priority.

What will we be covering?

Fundamental Straight Arm Strength (FSAS) Fundamental Bent Arm Strength (FBAS) Fundamental Leg Strength (FLS) Handstand (HS) Rings (XR)

What does that mean for me?

Coach Sommer’s system will take you step by step from the most basic to the most impressive feats of strength. An unparalleled system that not only takes the need for muscular strength into account, but also the need of a full and active range of motion. You will learn not only how to train for strength but also how to incorporate mobility drills from his series known as liquid steel.

A hallmark of gymnastic training is it’s progressive approach. U.S. Jr. National Coach Christopher Sommer is known within the gymnastic community as a true innovator in applying this method to strength training.

Each of the main categories of GST listed above contain dozens if not hundreds of exercises and mobility drills. Coach Sommer will help you make sense of it all. For example FSAS will show you progressions starting from the easiest core exercise to a full Front Lever, Side Lever, Planche and the rarely seen Manna. FBAS will develop from simple body weight exercises to No Leg Rope Climbs and Hollow back press to HS.

Cancellation Terms:  Cancellations up to May 12, 2018: Refund minus $400 Cancellation Fee Cancellations after May 12, 2018: NO refund

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GymnasticBodies is no better expressed than in the athletic dedication and genius of it’s creator Coach Christopher Sommer. Coach Sommer has managed to hone his many years at an elite level fitness coach and cater his personal training techniques for those new but excited to learn this dynamic way to strengthen their muscles and shape up their body's core foundation in a healthy way.


With the GymnasticsBodies training, I chipped away at my gym workout weaknesses and worked on those basics.


I began training gymnastics as a freshman in college, 7 years ago...I have not found anything else that comes close to the Gymnastics Bodies curriculum in terms of depth, quality, comprehensiveness or sheer effectiveness.