Middle Split Stretch

Build Hip Flexibility


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Everyone can start building the mobility necessary for the middle splits and pancake–no matter what your flexibility level is! This 45-minute sequence will help you find relief and develop flexibility throughout your lower body.


  • Weekly use
  • Moderate to Intermediate Level
  • 45 minutes
  • Open tight hips
  • Improve flexibility


After building a base of movement using courses like Fundamentals or Restore, you’re ready to gain more flexibility with the Middle Split Stretch Series. Use this course weekly to increase flexibility in the hips and hamstrings through both active stretches and static holds. The intensity of the stretches in this series can be adjusted according to your level, ranging from moderate to intermediate. The series includes a follow-along video, written cues for each stretch, video technique tips, and scaling options. The stretches you do each week will remain the same, but your range and comfortability in each will continue to improve until you’ve earned your middle splits! From, there, you can use the series to help maintain your flexibility. You can apply this skill, and the impressive hip mobility you’ve gained, to your other fitness pursuits to help keep you injury free and moving well.