Level 4 Plan


What does a Plan look like?

Each plan day consists of three parts: a warmup, a mobility class and a workout that matches the difficulty level of the plan.

Level 4 Plan (Advanced)

The Level 4 Plan is a dynamic plan based around building advanced strength and mobility using the Foundation Four. Foundation Four allow you to train at your own pace and takes most students at least six months to complete. This plan is best for students who enjoy a structured workout routine and want to do develop advanced skills commonly found in gymnastics and calisthenics.

  • Lifetime access to Foundation Four, Extended Warmup, Stall Bar Development, Wrist Sequence and Hanging Leg Lift Triplex
  • Learn the Straddle Planche, Side Lever (Human Flag), Manna, Rope Climb, Hollow Back Press and Front Lever
  • Build a well rounded body with peak levels of strength and mobility
  • Maximize your potential as an athlete

Optional Add-on

We highly recommend students also enroll in the Stretch Courses alongside this plan. Recommendations on when to include these stretches are part of the calendar but not required.


Dumbbells, floor space, a workout bench, climbing rope and rings or trx