Level 1 Plan


What does a Plan look like?

Each plan day consists of three parts: a warmup, a mobility class and a workout that matches the difficulty level of the plan.

Level 1 Plan (Moderate)

The Level 1 Plan is a dynamic plan based around building basic mobility using the Foundation One course. Foundation One allows you to train at your own pace and takes most students at least six months to complete. This plan is best for students who enjoy a structured workout routine and want to increase their mobility, core and basic strength.

  • Lifetime access to Foundation One, 7 Minute Warmup, Weighted Mobility, Single Bar Shoulder and Knee Series
  • Use the suggested schedule or create your own workouts
  • Build whole body mobility
  • Take core training to a new level with challenging progressions
  • Build full body strength

Optional Add-on

We highly recommend students also enroll in the Stretch Courses alongside this plan. Recommendations on when to include these stretches are part of the calendar but not required.


Dumbbells, floor space, a workout bench and rings or trx