Handstand Two

Press Handstand


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This exercise is so powerful we’ve created an entire course devoted to helping athletes of all levels master it. New to GST but still want to reap the benefits? Start with the 13 beginner-level prep exercises. Further along in your handstand journey? Challenge yourself with 14 specific press handstand drills. No matter where you begin, this course will deliver incredible strength, mobility, balance, and agility gains.  


  • Use weekly
  • 15-45 minutes
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Increase mobility
  • Learn a new skill


Whether you’re a seasoned handstand enthusiast, or never been upside down, you can still learn how to do a press-handstand! This movement requires great strength, mobility and balance. This course will help you to build all of this as well as proper positioning and alignment for the press. The beginning drills focus on shoulder strength and core compression–two key components of this movement. As you move through the course, you’ll gradually begin practicing drills to lift your feet off the ground in the starting position, finally working to bring your legs all the way up to a handstand. Each workout takes 15-30 minutes and has a skill/strength elements coupled with a mobility drill. As you master your movement, the drills you practice will increase in difficulty.