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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: I just enrolled in a course, how do I login?

A: When you first enroll in a GymnasticBodies course, we send both a receipt and a welcome email with your course login credentials. Sometimes Gmail or other popular mail applications misplace this into the Spam or Promotions folders. Check there first and if it still is missing send submit a ticket to have the email sent again. Alternatively, you can use the password reset form.

Q: I need to reset my password

A: https://my.gymnasticbodies.com/lost-password/  

Q: I’m Lost, What Do I Do?

A: Always start with the course introduction text. It will answer most of your questions about how to use the course, workout structure, warming up, sample schedules and more.   https://my.gymnasticbodies.com/intro/   Further questions can be asked in the private course forums:   https://www.gymnasticbodies.com/forum/forum/37-course-forums/

 Q:  How do I change my password, profile or manage subscriptions?

A: You can manage your account by logging at my.gymnasticbodies.com/manage/  

Q: I enrolled in a new course but it isn’t showing in my course portal

A:  If you enrolled in a new course and it hasn’t shown up in the course portal yet, it is likely one of two scenarios: 1) You were logged in during enrollment and may need to refresh your course list. To do so, simple log out and back in. 2) You may have made a typo in your email or name and created a duplicate account. In this case, simply submit a ticket.  

Q: I may have created a duplicate account.

A: If you accidentally created a duplicate course or forum account, please submit a ticket

 Q: I don’t have access to one or more of my courses in the forum.

A: You will need to use your course email and password to login to the forum instead of an existing username. For example, if you normally log in with the username johndoe you will need to logout instead use the email and password for the courses.