Handstand Challenge 5: Fingertips to Wall

 GymnasticBodies athlete demonstrates how to do a handstand with fingers next to wall in day 5 of the handstand challenge.

GB Athlete performs a handstand with fingers to wall, inspired by our Handstand Courses.

Your handstand challenge for today (video below) is inspired by our Handstand Courses.

Your challenge is to kick into a handstand with your finger tips as close as possible to the wall.

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Start by placing your hands as close as you can to the wall and make sure to keep your elbows straight as you kick into your handstand. Shrug in your shoulders and use the muscles in your back rather than kicking too hard to lift yourself up. Hold your handstand for 30 seconds.

Hint: Consistency is the key here. In order to build your handstand shape and form, continually practice your handstand and keep in mind all the tips you’ve learned so far. Each time you practice, try to get a little closer to the wall.

Find more handstand drills and improve your skills with our Online Handstand Courses!

Here’s what you need to do:

1.) After you watch the video, try it out for yourself!

2.) Post a video or photo of you doing the challenge and share with others on our Facebook Group Page for community feedback.

3.) Post on social media using these hashtags along with your video #gbhandstandchallenge #gymnasticbodies #christophersommer

4.) New to the Challenge? Here is a list of all the current challenge vids.

We hope you enjoyed the challenge of getting your fingertips close to the wall with your 2017 GymnasticBodies Handstand Challenge community.

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