Handstand Challenge 2: Long Hollow Handstand

GymnasticBodies Athlete demonstrating a handstand progression from the GB Online Courses.

This handstand variation, inspired by our Handstand Courses, will build incredible strength!

Your challenge (video below) is to perform a handstand long hollow with your hands as far away from the wall as you can get them, while maintaining good form.

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Place your hands on the ground and walk your feet up onto the wall. Start as close to the wall as is comfortable. Don’t worry about getting right against the wall; we are more concerned with your shape. Slowly begin to walk your hands away from the wall, while maintaining the shape. Handstands are developed by creating strong muscular tension in the right position. First, be sure your shoulder blades are rounded and pushed up toward your ears. Keep your hands shoulder-width apart, and elbows straight and strong. Try to maintain a tight core by engaging your abdominal muscles inward. Your hips should be tucked under. Lastly, keep your legs straight and hips squeezed. Hold for 30 seconds.

Today’s Handstand Challenge is just a glimpse of the whole body strength GB Courses provide! 

Here’s what you need to do:

1.) After you watch the video, try it out for yourself!

2.) Post a video or photo of you doing the challenge and share with others on our Facebook Group Page for community feedback.

3.) Post on social media using these hashtags along with your video #gbhandstandchallenge #gymnasticbodies #christophersommer

4.) New to the Challenge? Here is a list of all the current challenge vids.

We hope you enjoyed this Long Hollow Handstand with your 2017 GymnasticBodies Handstand Challenge community!

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