Handstand Challenge 1: Handstand L Shape

GymnasticBodies athlete demonstrates a handstand L using the wall during day 1 of the gymnasticbodies handstand challenge.

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Your challenge (video below) for this handstand is to get as close as you can to an L-Shaped handstand while keeping your toes on the wall.

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Place your hands on the ground and walk your feet up high onto the wall.

Point your toes, and with your knees straight and feet together, slide your toes down the wall until you reach an L-shape in your handstand. Make sure to stack your shoulders on top of your wrists and keep your core tight and engaged.

Hint: To find the distance of your hand placement, sit with your back on the wall

and legs straight out in front of you. Your heel will be the marker for your hand position in this challenge.

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Here’s what you need to do:

1.) After you watch the video, try it out for yourself!

2.) Post a video or photo of you doing the challenge and share with others on our Facebook Group Page for community feedback.

3.) Post on social media using these hashtags along with your video #gbhandstandchallenge #gymnasticbodies #christophersommer

4.) New to the Challenge? Here is a list of all the current challenge vids.

We hope you enjoyed this Handstand L with your 2017 GymnasticBodies Handstand Challenge community!

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