Handstand Online Courses

Steel Shoulders

Explode your shoulder strength and size with exercises such as handstand wall runs and weighted dislocates.

Structured Progression

Build your handstand using a proven and logical GST™ structure. No more kicking up and struggling to hold banana handstands or jumping into presses.

Superior Alignment

Prepare for One Arm Handstand Training by developing the ability to align your handstand and press handstand correctly.

Effortless balance

Mastery of the handstand means holding it as a rest position. Develop this proficiency in holding and pressing into effortless handstands.

  • Brand new interface design that makes going through the progressions easier than ever before
  • Exercises are broken down into manageable pieces that progress with one another
  • Tutorial videos with step-by-step instructions accompany every progression
  • Beginner & intermediate level exercises intended for anyone both new or experienced in gymnastics
  • Easily navigate within courses and progressions
Handstand series
Handstand series video page

The Progressions

Wrist Progressions (H1)

Build wrist strength and mobility with four unique stretches and sixteen strength progressions

Freestanding Handstand (H1)

Build a correctly aligned two minute freestanding handstand. Required for One Arm Handstand work

Press Handstand (H2)

Press Handstand build tremendous upper body strength and mobility in just a single exercise. Handstand Two also develops advanced Pancake flexibility

GB single handstand
One Arm Handstand (H3)

Build a solid Straddle One Arm Handstand. H3 can be started after finishing the beginning elements of H1.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Handstand One course contain wrist stretches?

Yes, the Handstand One course contains wrist stretches as well as shoulder mobility, posterior pelvic tilt drills and of course lots of handstand work.

Do I need to finish Handstand One to start Handstand Two.

Handstand Two Preparatory Elements can be started alongside the first course so long as you have made some progress in your pancake flexibility. The specific Press Handstand elements will require a basic freestanding handstand.

Do I really need a 2 minute handstand?

Absolutely, a solid handstand is essential for both the athletic benefits and more advanced GST. Tumbling, One Arm Handstand and Ring Strength all require a great handstand. Two minutes is a mark that shows you have made the handstand aligned properly enough that it has become near effortless.

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Handstand Online Courses


Handstand One Online Course

Open to all ages and skill levels. Great for beginners. Corerequisite:
Handstand Two, Handstand Three

$99.99 USD

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Handstand Two Online Course

Handstand One

$99.99 USD

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Mastering the one arm handstand

Handstand Three Online Course

Handstand One, Handstand Two (H3 begins after finishing H1 PE Elements)
Specific Elements require a 60 Second HS w/Superior Alignment

$99.99 USD

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