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Planche and HS training


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Hi everyone, 

How do I incorporate handstand and planche on my push workout.My goal is to get one arm HS and full planche pushup .I like to train both elements .I can hold HS for 3-4 seconds and tuck planche hold for 10-15 seconds and bent arm planche for more than 15 secs.

For refrence:(I have been doing weighted calisthencis for many years.I can FL,MU,Human Flag.Dips 50kg*5 ,Pushup 45*5, current bodyweight 70kg, heigth 5'7)

SO if anyone had been in this situation before and now can do these elements ,your suggestions will be greatful and other peoples and coaches in this foroum?

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Alessandro Mainente

Hi Rajata,

Hs is a technical element at the point where you can do a handstand (when i say handstand i refers to the great inverted position while staying upside down on your arms is not necessarily a Handstand position). As a technical element, it can be trained every day potentially. BUT if your handstand is not correct probably you shouldn't.

PLanche regards a strength field and depending on your level probably you should not train it more than twice a week. You said that you have 3-4 seconds. well, 3-4 seconds it is not enough time to focus on tuck planche directly.

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