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Handstand Canes

Kai Franz

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Hello, long time reader here with my first question. 

At what point does it make sense to buy or build Handstand Canes? Do you recommend a solid 30sec Handstand on the floor first? I found some beautiful one on Ebay but i don't know if that makes sense for me to buy them now. They have angled forward Blocks to minimise strain on your wrists. I never saw angled forward Blocks on Handbalancer Pictures or Videos.  What do you think?  

Thanks !!!

Bildschirmfoto 2016-09-26 um 14.42.54.jpg

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Hi Kai, 

Those are quite tall and beautiful! My recommendation is to definitely have a 60s free standing handstand on the floor with good form before you introduce canes into your training. 

Are you following the Handstand courses? If so what course are you currently on? 

Training toys are always fun, I have a box full myself. 



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