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Found 3 results

  1. Bartosz Jackiewicz

    Split training - nothing works

    Hello to everybody! I'm new to this forum but I see very interesting content here and experienced people so hopefully I will find here some good solutions to my problem. Probably many can relate to my situation which is I am not flexible and nothing has worked on me so far. I am thinking about buying one of the stretch courses (middle split is first on my list) but it's quite expensive for me so I want to be sure this will be good spent money. To be honest, I'm slowly losing hope to improve my flexibility. To give you guys an idea of what I have tried let me describe shortly previous programmes. Maybe you can advise me if you tried something similar and stretch series changed it all leading you to your dreamed splits. When I was 15-16, I stretched 3 times a week. It was exausting training lasting about 1,5h. It consisted of warm-up, isometric stretching (trying to get as far as possible to side split, contraction, then release, go further) and static stretching as well. At the end I could achieve full range of motion that I had that time. I tried 3 months of training like that. There were no effects. So I tried different one: stretching once per day, about 30-45 min, not so demanding, mostly static stretches. After one month still no effects. I know now that not every excercise I did was perfectly done, but not even smallest progress? Come on! Now I'm older and decided to give it a try one more time! I stretch 3 times a day, each session about 30min. First 10 min is foam rolling then I do four excersises with 1min hold each: one for adductors, hamstring, glutes and quads/illiopsoas. During training day I change one session (in the middle of the day) and I add excersises with movement and isometric stretches. So far it's been one week of training like that then one week break (lack of time) and now back to it. I'm planning to go like this for 3 more weeks and see if there will be any results. If not, then the last hope I can think of is stretch course that maybe has something I haven't tried yet. I saw many people posted their progress during one of the stretch serie and it's really impressive. My doubts are that I am one of those people that no matter what will try, still stay like a brick. I hope someone more experienced would help me on my problem and advise me if stretch series are the good choice in this case (middle split or maybe different one). Best regards.
  2. Søkier Kegren

    # of workouts in Front/Middle Series

    I am still on the first stretch routine of Front Split and Middle Split. Is that the only series in those programs? If not, at what point is the next one introduced?
  3. Rachel Izzo

    Front split progress

    Hey guys! I just wanted to show an update on my progress with the front split series. Picture on the left was a year ago before I found gymnastics bodies, attempting a switch leap (I was a gymnast when I was a kid and used to have a solid leap series). At that time, I used to stretch a ton on my own but never made any progress with my flexibility. Picture on the right was last night at a gymnastics class, mid switch-Leap, after doing GB for 3-4 months (I think). I have some work to do still, but The difference is nuts! And this is only after a few months. Wahoo! So happy with this program!
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