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Found 1 result

  1. Eva Pelegrin

    Denver Seminar - May 2016

    Who's coming to Denver, May28-29!!* I'm new in the GB community and gymnastics. I’ve been around the block a few times, always exploring different movement modalities and looking for genuine movement teachers. Yet often ending with one sort of injury or another. In hindsight, mostly due to improper progressions and my naive nature in thinking I was in good hands, when perhaps a better process, or at least, more individual attention to the student’s “leaks" and deficits was needed. Hmm, but that’s just the why (or my opinion). The what is I’m grateful to all my teachers as each one brings me closer to explore further or find another path that takes me closer to the source, ergo grounded in thought and individual creativity instead of mimicry. I'm fascinated by the human body-mind connection and “BALANCE" is my cause. Started my company 10 yrs ago to teach an integrative, multi-disciplinary approach to heath and the one things I love more than teaching is (__) BEING a student. Every thirsty student wants a good teacher and a good teacher is really hard to find. Now, I don’t look for good teachers anymore. Not because I don’t have much to learn, on the contrary. The more you know, the more you realize you don’t know squat and one day you're going to die. I’m older, wiser and I simply don’t have time for the BS, egos, or the nonsense. I now look for a process and thinking that's founded on sound principles. And behind those principles… I continue to find the most amazing teachers and new friends. Who cares how long it will take me to learn these skills! It’s taken me years to knock on Sommer’s door, and I may need to come back in another life in order to learn some of these moves. Just happy I AM here now. I know most people don't like doing the nitty-gritty work, but I actually look forward to workING. For one, the learning never stops and you never know when something is going to click, and boom, a new universe of possibilities opens up in front of you. Priceless. Then, you can look back, or forward, and recalibrate your thoughts and expectations in the present moment, which is all there is anyway. Can’t buy this anywhere without doing the work. So here I am GB community: Looking forward to learning from ALL of your collective knowledge! A very special thank you to Coach Sommer for consolidating and sharing a life's worth of knowledge in such incremental progressions and thoughtfulness. What an incredible value and concept! Am I the only one who thinks this is a rare talent?? I will say that in scanning the Foundation series, I see a very sound and solid process laid out in front of me. The pieces of the puzzle are no longer scattered all over the place, nor hidden in a secret, ancient treasure chest… The elements are HERE for me to put them together and create my own picture – one piece at a time. I’m BEYOND excited and feeling at home. It’s a worthwhile investment to study the material before moving into action. Well that’s just my personal preference – even if my ass hurts like hell from all the sitting, writing and getting situated with the content of what’s going to become my next movement practice. What better place to start than at the beginning! Thank you all. Much respect, Eva

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