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Found 9 results

  1. Rodrigo Colareta 374139

    Handstand series programming

    Hello! I just started gymnastic bodies, I am currently in foundation 2 doing what looks like an upper/ lower split with Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays left for stretching work. I want to work on handstand series too, when should I do them? How many times a week? Also, would you recommend elbow and wrist sequences as an additional ? or the handstand program already covers that area? Thank you!
  2. Bryan Stephens

    Programming Questions!

    Hello GBs and GB community! I was hoping you might be able to answer some questions I have about GBs programming system and some personal supplementary programming questions I have to make my transition to mobility and flexibility a bit easier. Firstly, I am a stiff individual.. These mobility/ stretch routines are a new beast. I've spent 10 + years enjoying events in crossfit, olympic weightlifting, and triathlon and it definitely shows. I've decided to dedicate this year to improving my flexibility and mobility. My first question is this: 1: If you've progressed to the next strength exercise by completing 9/9 steps but cannot complete the mobility cause you're stiff AF, should you stick with that step of strength until you progress? 2: Should you stack A,B,C exercises? For instance, if I can do assisted squats and wish to go up in difficulty should I do assisted squats and parallel squats as well? 3: I'd like to continue to maintain my aerobic/ anaerobic engine. GBs doesn't really have any aerobic/ anaerobic work with it's main programming body. It's no doubt that some of this engine work has contributed to my stiffness, and my priority for this year is maximizing my flexibility and mobility. With this in mind, do you have any recommendations/ restrictions on how I should program my supplementary engine work? Thank you GBs and community!
  3. How can I do some strength and mobility work everyday without over doing it? I'd like a program where I do some strength and/or mobility work everyday. I have a history of burning myself out by committing to an intense schedule, and am trying to out grow that habit. One of the things that drew me to GB and Sommers was his idea of consistency over intensity; developing both strength and mobility to heal your body, avoid injury, and optimize your long-term success. So how do I do this best? In other words, how should one think about recovery when programming across these course... across strength and mobility... across the full body? Where I also have some limited weighted routines along side and some semi-competitive soccer? For example, some of these courses (longer mobility routine like Stretch Front Split) Coach Sommers says explicitly they should be done once a week and doing them more than that is going backward. Other, less-intense, courses, like the Restore Hips, say to do once per week – but seems more like a suggestion than a hard rule. When it comes to strength, it's common to have a weighted split that supports 8-12 sets per muscle group per week with at least 24-48 hours recovery between muscle group workouts. But I'm not sure how to fit this into the GB routines. Perhaps there is some feature within the app I'm missing. FWIW: My personal priorities (in order): long-term health, strength + mobility, performance in semi-casual competitions (e.g. soccer). Thanks!
  4. if so, how do you do it? associated questions: does doing gb eventually shore up weaknesses and assymetries naturally? certain fms basic progressions like the chop and lift seem to target certain patterns much earlier than what i've seen in f1or h1... basically what i'm looking for personally is a way to combine the best of all worlds: the gb progressions, fms's neurodevelopmental re-patterning, and movnat/parkour/andreo. but i want to do it safely and integrated. i've been doing f1 and h1, but it doesnt yet address all my weaknesses and assymetries... i'm not being impatient because i am not talking about rushing into a movement that is beyond what my tissues are prepared for, just that i want to address all of me.
  5. Hi. I'm fairly new to gymnastics training. For the past 2 years I have been doing street style calisthenics. I have made substantial progress in all areas up until recently when I have begun to lose strength. In the past I have trained 6 days a week for an hour a day. I have mixed strength and endurance which worked for a while, but as of late I have noticed a loss of strength as my endurance increases. ( also sick of seeing videos of bent arm planches and half rom oac's) My current goals are fl (static and pull-ups), pl, bl, weighted ring dips, ring hspu, oac, and ring muscle ups. My current abilities are a 5 second sFL, 20 second tuck planche, 5 second BL, wall assisted 3 hspu using several books for increased rom, 3 bar muscle ups. I have yet to order a set of rings to test rings skills. I have been saving up for Extreme rings for a couple months only to find them out of stock. I am wondering if 6 days a week an hour a day is a good program to achieve these goals. I would do 3 days of tuck planche holds, bl, hspu, ring dips and 3 days of sFL, advanced tuck FL pull-ups, oac negatives, assisted oac's. This portion would take about 40 minutes per day. The other 20 minutes would be bridges, l-sits/ leg raises, pistol squats, and handstands. If anyone has a better programming idea please help!!!!! I'm a noob to ring work especially. In conclusion... How often should I workout? Everything on 1 day or divide it into 2 or 3 workouts? When can I buy extreme rings or should I just get the rogue rings? Is foundation ever going to be available for a lower price? P.s. I'm 15, I have Building the Gymnastic Body, no dip station or p bars, need rings ASAP due as I don't always have access to a pull-up bar (used a tree branch this morning), I would like to do foundation and have been working to save up for it, but will likely not be able to afford it for a long time. Thanks for the help ahead of time. Also, perhaps Slizzardman could share his oac training secret mentioned in this post. https://www.gymnasticbodies.com/forum/topic/6054-one-arm-chin-up-training/ "It took me 2 months, but no one else here will get that kind of progress except Dillon, because we have a completely different and proprietary training methodology"
  6. Brage Berg

    including static position training

    im currently changing my routine to spice things up a bit and i have a lot of ideas. for that reason, i also have some questions and it would be really nice if some of you experienced guys could help me out. i have noticed that in various dynamic exercises, there are positions in the exercise that i am weaker in. would it be smart to focus on these positions in a static manner? my current idea is to end a set with ha static hold in my weakest position in that specific exercise. for example: weighted pullups 3x5, ending each set by holdong 3-5 sec in the upper position tucked FL rows 3x5, ending each set by holding 3-5 sec in the upper position. and so on.. would this be clasified as overkill, or would it be profitable? i allready do 10 sets of FL, BL and planche at the start of every routine. so i doallready have alot of static traning in my routines. i also have a question about handpositioning in planche. i usually train the planche with hands facing backword due to bad mobility in wrist(wich i am currently working on). i tried with my hands facing forward on my fingers(my palms were not toutching the ground). although this position stretched my forearm to mutch, i felt it was much easier to hold the actual planche position, and i could hold a stradle planche for a couple og secs. with hands facing bacwards i can barely hold the advanced flat tucked for 8 sec. if i stretch my forearms alot and get comfertable with this position, is this considered "cheating"?
  7. Luka Kopusar

    Workout Plan

    Hey guys, been here for a while, but lately i've been thinking about my program that needs some changes. what do you think about working out on M, T, Th, F and continuing such program on sunday. So, there would always be a rest on 3rd day through out the month. till now, i've been doing M W F but i think an extra 2 workout in 4 weeks would benefit me more. oh, and what about straight 6 day workout, sunday off? Other than diet + sleep and other stuff, are there any objective scientific reasons which workout gives the best results? the program (applies to 4 and 6 day workout): 1st day - hspu, pull + 2 FSE 2nd day - pushup, row + 2 FSE 3rd day - dip, curl + 2 FSE FSE are also different each day. And please, dont type buy F1, f2, ... just give me some other opinion. For the record, i've completed pretty much f1, not interested in f2. cheers
  8. Do you incorporate any kind periodization nto your training? My own went like this in the past (unfortunately): train hard for a long time=> injure => detrain, rehab and recover=>train hard again (to the point you're barely recovering). I still made very significant gains but suspect I could get much further with proper periodization introduced. Right now I'm into 9th week of very heavy volume training (my sessions can last 5-8 hours...) and I'm starting I'm pushing it again. Literature I had consulted doesn't recommend heavy training for over 8-12 weeks without "unloading" stage. I'm familiar with a couple basic modes of periodization (depends on a sport): 1) Train for hypertrophy (weeks) => train for strength (weeks) => train for power/speed (week) => skills, for some sports (weeks)=> unloading (weeks) before competition 2) Week to week periodization: most basic version is train super-hard one week, train easy next week. 3) 8-12 weeks of very heavy strength training, followed by same period of time of lighter training focusing on endurance, form, skill, control. Repeats. I do not have patience for #3 mode, I know this, neither I need more competition sport oriented #1 kind...Week-to-week periodization seems to be more appealing. Do you craft periodization routine? Especially if you train one or another kind of aerial circus skills where endurance and strength are both equally important?
  9. Boris Mikael Taube

    Program Critique

    Hello Im going to write down the program i maked. And im curiouhs what people think about that? Any tips etc. All the critque will be helpful. I dont know what to do if I should do the Foundation series. I see people that get AMAZING resutls but do they just really only follow the Foundation series or they do more traning ? Warm up: 1.General warm up 2.Wrist streches + wrist excercises from coach sommer 3.Scapula routine by ido portal 4.Shoulder band warm up by Gregor a gymnastic bodies member that he took from Jordan Jortchev 5. FSP L-sit(low) Planche lean German hang Wall hs Straddle l sit (bent legs) I do FSP 4 times a week. When im mastered all these moves 3*30 i going to start on F. lever, B.lever and planche work Session 1 1.HSPU negatives 5 second 5*2 A1.Row XR bulgarian 5*5 supersett with A2.Push ups XR 5*5 In the end of the session i always do one rehab/prehab exccercise for shoulder like cuban rotation og band pull Light streching 15-20 minutes Session 2. 1.strict MU on rings 5*2 A1. False grip L-tuck(working toward L-sit) Pull ups 5*3 A2.Dips rings 5*3 I throw in som rope climbing in the end if feeling good Light streching 15-20 minutes Session 3 General upwarming Squat routine by Ido portal 1.Pistol squat 3*14 rep A1.Shrimp squat 5*3-5 rep supersett A2.Leg raises 90 degree A1.GHR 5*3-5 supersett with A2.Straddle L-sit lift 5*10 Streching legs 30 minutes I do session 1 and 2. 2 times a week and legs 1 time. I have one day a week i do Just the warm up. Little more flexibilty work and light streching the whole body. What do you people think about the program?
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