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Found 2 results

  1. Goncalo Garcia

    Hip external rotator flexibility

    Hi Coaches, I m really unflexible in my external rotators. Just want to know your opinion about doing one doay of stretching and mobility on this part of the body. I believe squats will go better soon with this.
  2. Oldrich Polreich

    Piriformis/Sciatica problem

    Hello My right piriformis has been giving me trouble for 2-3 weeks, but nothing major (stretching helped) But this saturday, after my gym session it got extremely stiff and painful. So painful that stretching was almost impossible. I laid down, applied some heat and cold a rested. This helped a bit (at least i can stretch a little) but it is third day now and i still feel pain in my right butt and even down in my knee and calf. Pain is not constant, sometimes sitting makes it worse, sometimes not. Usually, it is worse in the morning (actually waking me up) I can't sit with my legs straight (hip won't let me) let alone do the pike stretch. Warming up and light mobility work (swivel hips) helps with the pain, but not in a long run. Anyone has any experience with this? I've seen the doctor, he prescribed me pain meds and sent me to orthopedics, who sen't me to neurology in local hospital. They told me that i maybe have pinched nerve (well thanks, google told me that) and prescribed me another pain meds and told me to apply cold or heat I'm trying to make an appointment with physio, but i have to wait week or two before he's available. Thanks
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