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Found 29 results

  1. Hi. I just got Foundation 1 and Handstand 1. I was very intrigued while reading through. However, there is a problem with the program: I have very limited access to equipment. Currently I'm a high school student (turning 17 next month) and is also studying abroad. Right now, I have a door pull-up bar, pair of push up bars, and I can purchase a ring to hang. If really necessary, I can maybe get parallettes too. But that's it. I have nothing else and I really don't have the money to purchase a gym membership (even if I do I don't have a car or anyone to take me there and the nearest gym is ~45 mins walking). This means that I have no stall bars, and no weights whatsoever. For certain exercises or mobility work, I can probably improvise with some sort of object to represent weight, but for I don't have weighted bars for handstand mobility work. I'm wondering if anyone can give me suggestions as to how to progress because I really love training. Started a year ago and now I can do 4 reasonably good (probably better than a lot of youtube people) one arm push ups, I'm also about half a year or so (I think) away from a one arm chin up. I do understand that my form for hanging leg raise (to the bar) is really bad because my door frame is quite low so at the bottom of the movement I have to curl my legs, but I can probably use the ceiling beams between my house and the garage to fix that problem. That's my limit. Please help me out. Thank you.
  2. Andrew Barge

    Equipment In Jordan

    Hi Everyone.. Started training a couple of weeks ago and I love, love love it! I currently live in the Maldives but I am moving to Jordan in a weeks time. I want to buy some portable rings that I can use in the gym that is there. Can anyone recommend a good supplier who post abroad? Thanks in advance Bargey
  3. Hello everyone! I am seriously considering purchasing the foundation series, but have absolutely no access to stall bars. Obviously they are heavily used in the program. Is there a way to train without them? Or at least some acceptable substitutes? I appreciate the help.
  4. Brendan Lynch

    Xtreme Rings

    Hey all, Sorry if this is posted somewhere else, but are the Xtreme Rings no longer being sold? I wasn't able to buy them at the same time as F1, but now I would like to get them but I cannot seem to find them on the site anymore. Does anyone know if they are gone for good or when they will make a return? Thanks!

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