Foundation Series

New to gymnastic workouts? No problem! The GymnasticBodies program is designed for individuals of all fitness levels and we have a series of online courses that are perfect for you.

The Foundations Series is comprised of four separate courses that teach a variety of different progressions. These courses focus on the basics of gymnastic strength training and mobility. The first course in the fundamentals series is designed for individuals who have no experience in gymnastic strength training.
The specific moves are as follows: front lever, straddle planche, side lever, manna, single leg squat, hollow back press and the rope climb. These courses offer fully customized workouts that help you to build strength, mobility and flexibility as you work through the courses. Students in these courses also have access to embedded videos for each exercise taught in the GymnasticBodies Foundations series.

If you’re looking for something new that will challenge you physically and mentally, consider the GymnasticBodies Foundations courses.

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