GymnasticBodies Tumbling One: Circle Series

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Gradual Progressions

Teach your body to move freely and regain the mobility and agility of your youth using our systematic curriculum.

Movement Mastery

GB programming places an emphasis on developing quality movement at every step. This allows students to advance to their maximum potential in GST™.

No Technical Requirements

The Movement Series is a conditioning based approach and requires no technical background or coaching.

Perfect for Beginners

Any adult in average shape can begin the level one movement courses. It is highly recommended to train Foundation One and Handstand One alongside Movement.

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    The Progressions

    GymnasticBodies Movement Series: Tumbling One
    Tumbling One

    Tumbling One introduces basic floor movement, shapes required for tumbling and dynamic leg strength. No experience required.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does 'Movement as Conditioning' mean?

    GymnasticBodies approaches training by building the physical structure first. Movement is no different in that the  basic shapes must become second nature so that they can be used later for advanced plyometrics.

    Will these courses teach me technical apparatus skills?

    No. GymnasticBodies only teaches the conditioning side of training. Technical skills must be learned from an experienced coach but are substantially easier when the proper structure has been built first.

    What gymnastic equipment is required?

    No equipment is formally required, though we highly recommend using a basic panel mat to soften any imperfect landings. Most progressions can be done with just a few feet of open floorspace.

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    GymnasticBodies Tumbling One: Circle Series

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