Your Behavior. Your Success.

We’ve made it simple and straightforward to develop optimal nutritional habits, and it starts with the basics. Most of us don’t realize how easily we get off track. Our greatestweakness as a whole isn’t a lack of information, it’s a lack of implementation.

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The key is to do it; but how?

We are here to help you get a handle on your eating habits. No matter where you are currently at with your nutrition, we will guide you. Most people make nutrition more complicated than it needs to be.

All you need to do to form your healthy habits is successfully complete each lesson, 6 days in a row. Once you’ve finished each task, the next lesson will unlock.

We will take you step by step through creating long-lasting and effective nutritional habits with our highly informative and easy to understand program.

The most epic part is that our system is based entirely on your behavior. Because the program helps you define natural routines, you are more likely to stick with it.

We set you up for success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of diet does Thrive follow?

    GB Thrive is about improving health and function of the body and does not adhere to any specific diet philosophy. Different diets may need more or less modification to fit the Thrive program. Our members only forum designed to answer any specific questions you may have.

    What does ‘behavior-based’ mean?

    This course requires you to demonstrate the ability to complete each habit before unlocking the next module. We set you up for success by working at your individual level. Master your nutritional habits for the long term.

  • What qualifies GymnasticBodies to give nutritional advice?

    This course is the product of extensive research and practical application that has been simplified into key habits necessary to improve health and function. Co-author Jeff Serven has implemented these habits while working with high level athletes including Jonathan Casillas, Kyle Fuller (Chicago Bears) and James Harrison (Pittsburg Steelers). Our methodology has produced results with both high end athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

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14-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee

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Thrive is designed for both men and women and is geared towards optimal eating, which includes meat.


GB Thrive is a foundational course that builds basic nutritional habits based on behavior. Lessons will be unlocked by forming meaningful habits. Daily internet access is required.

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