GymnasticBodies Affiliates must go through a rigorous process that demonstrates GST™ knowledge, coaching skills and proficiency. Each GB Affiliate upholds the highest standards so that your training experience will be exceptional.

Master Affiliate

Awaken Denver

Awaken isn’t only a gym, it’s also a lifestyle. We bring our local and worldwide community together by encouraging fun with exercise! We take the time to properly treat injuries, develop physical honesty with our bodies and provide intelligent programming to our students. We offer the world’s first, adult Gymnastic Strength Training™ facility located in Denver, Colorado. Classes are based on progressive bodyweight exercises to create long, lean, strong muscles.  Visit Awaken at

Gymnastic Bodies' athletes Orench and Crystal collaborate on the Balance beam
Orench Straddle rope
Gymnastic bodies Grace


BodyTree GST (Singapore)

We are fortunate to learn gymnastic strength training (GST™) from Coach Sommer, founder of and a longtime National Team Coach for the US Men’s Gymnastics Team. It gave us what we strive for – the best version of ourselves that we could possibley reach, and under the expert guidance of a world-class coach. It was this motivation to set up to share the work with others. We strongly believe that each and every one of us is capable of achieving anything. This is why we work against the grain, proving time and time again. We believe in building a community of dedicated individuals who wake up everyday with the desire to conquer our limitations, resulting in friction-less, energetic lifestyles.

Gymnastic Bodies on the cat rings
GB athletes on the stall bars
Gymnastic Bodies Fellowship


GymnasticBodies Flagstaff

I am thankful for the opportunity to bring Coach Sommer’s GymnasticBodies methods to Flagstaff, AZ. It is humbling to share with others the health and physical freedom that Gymnastic Strength TrainingTM has given me. Weekly classes are designed to help everyone move better, build strength, and have fun! GB Flagstaff delivers world class gymnastics strength training for everyone; attain the strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, and body you deserve. Visit GymnasticBodies Flagstaff on Facebook.

GymnasticBodies Flagstaff Arizona Affiliate training GST outdoors for rock climbing strength and fitness.
GymnasticBodies Flagstaff athlete applying his strength training and fitness to rock climbing coached by Coach Christopher Sommer of GymnasticBodies.
GB Trainer demonstrates the basics of GymnasticBodies Foundations health and fitness group classes in Flagstaff Arizona.


FalseGrip (Sydney)

With a passion for gymnastics, former competitive gymnasts Dan Arnold & Tori Hand founded Falsegrip in early 2015 to bring GST to Sydney-siders. Employing the principles of elite gymnasts, Falsegrip utilises the Gymnastic Strength Training™ system to develop amazing levels of strength & mobility throughout the entire body. Classes are run on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. The gymnasium boasts a rebound floor, trampoline, rings, horizontal bars & parallel bars, beams and many more fun and exciting apparatus. Each class focuses on differing elements of strength, mobility & flexibility as well as movement based exercises.  Using structured progressions, our classes are designed to take anyone from the absolute beginner to experienced athletes and develop them in a fun and continuously challenging training environment. Visit them at

GB Athlete Pommel horse training
GB Pectoral stretches on parallel bars
Core Exercises for Abs


Forma GST (Stroud, England)

Forma GST is the first and only European GB GST™ Affiliate. Based in Stroud, Gloucestershire, in the picturesque region known as the Cotswolds, Forma is spearheaded by Wesley Tan and Claire Berthier, both professional Osteopaths in the UK with a passion for health and fitness. Since discovering GymnasticBodies Programming and learning directly from Coach Sommer over the last 3 years, Forma has placed GST as a priority and wish to share this with as many people as possible. Forma run weekly classes, periodic GST™ workshops and educational workshops, if you’re in Europe be sure to come and train with us!

Bodyweight exercises for Pressing Strength
Weight assisted Stretches
On the Rings with GB


Mr. Bodyweight Mustache (Sydney)

After a couple of years of intensive study of various forms of movement, we learnt Gymnastic Strength Training™ has not been only beneficial for overall strength, mobility and general fitness development but also accessible to everyone. We were impressed by GymnasticBodies with their emphasis on quality training and clear progressions. Those are our two fundamental points that we also promote in our teaching. We keep our classes small (up to 8 students only), so our students receive maximum attention and individual progression. We teach at Sydney Park fitness equipment area, St.Peters, where we take advantage of newly installed fitness equipment and great Australian weather. Find us on Facebook.

Gymnastic Bodies world Team
GB athlete working the parallel Bars
An Equilibrium of raw athleticism and mental fortitude
All smiles with GB.


Physicality GST

Physicality GST is a GymnasticBodies Affiliate in Washington, DC led by longtime trainers and athletes Chris Garay and Cory Hill. Drawing upon their extensive backgrounds in a wide variety of sports and training disciplines, both Chris and Cory have also spent countless hours studying Gymnastics Strength Training under former US Junior National Coach Christopher Sommer. After visiting the GB Master Affiliate Awaken in Denver, Colorado, Chris knew that he needed to build a similar community of like-minded athletes on the East Coast. Physicality GST is committed to helping its members improve their strength and flexibility in a fun and enjoyable group environment. Visit Physicality at


GymnasticBodies Tampa

GymnasticBodies changed my life as a coach, and an athlete. I found Coach Sommer and GST 4 months after back surgery in 2014, gradually embracing GST as my dominant form of training. My back has been totally rebuilt and structurally improved, objectively verified through MRI imaging. Success as an athlete lead to keen interest in affiliating, which has now become a reality. We are located in beautiful Clearwater, FL. I’ve merged a decade of formal education in the world of exercise physiology / clinical and sports nutrition with GB and GST, providing clients of many background with training solutions.