Dillon Zrike

It’s not what you’re given, it’s what you do with it. In four years, Dillon went from zero gymnastics experience to performing iron and maltese crosses, planches, press handstands, reverse muscle-ups, and cirques---all from the proven GymnasticBodies system.

GymnasticBodies teaches you how to workout on a whole new level. Confront and master physical weakness to gain ultimate control of your body while developing insane muscle gain.

Thousands of men and women have seen results from our approach, including CrossFit enthusiasts, MMA fighters, Parkour jumpers, Yoga practitioners, and everyday folks who decided to become champions. Others claim they are they best, but we’re prepared to show you.


The Best Training Program

Coach Christopher Sommer has been a developmental National Team Coach in the USA for nearly 40 years. Through refining hundreds of champions, he has taken the core of what makes Olympic gymnasts strong and broken it down step by step from the most basic to the most impressive feats of strength.

We know this system works and now you can try it today with a no questions asked 30 day money-back guarantee.


Fundamental Straight Arm Strength

Almost non-existent in traditional weight training, straight arm strength is key to building much of the fantastic muscle and explosive power found in high level gymnasts. With the GB Starter Pack, you’ll begin mastering these four basic elements that also pave the way to eventually learn the Iron Cross.


Many of the exercises and progressions found in the GB Starter Pack will also challenge your core on an entirely new level. Have you ever seen a successful gymnast without a defined six pack? Build your own today.

Each exercise and progression comes paired with a integrated mobility element. Mobility allows you to use the strength you’ve built, keeps your joints healthy, and prepares you for the harder muscle-building exercises ahead.



Handstands aren’t just fun and impressive, they build tremendous shoulder strength. Learn to balance up to a 2 minute freestanding handstand while increasing your shoulder flexibility, making your traps explode, and developing perfect alignment.

Fundamental Leg Strength takes you through the Single Leg Squat development. Fix imbalances in your strength that would otherwise cause injury in traditional weight lifting.

Fundamental Leg Strength

Bent Arm Strength will work your body towards developing monsterous feats. Make it your mission to eventually join our athletes who warm up with legless rope climbs and experience the drastic upper body strength of a hollow back press. We make you bigger, stronger, and improve your bench without even training it.

Fundamental Bent Arm Strength

Front Lever
Straddle Planche
Side Lever

Work with a Purpose

Our courses teach you how to workout, but our technology makes designing your fitness program a breeze. It’s as simple as testing your current bodyweight training level, putting it into our automated workout planner, and printing off a weekly schedule.

We do all the work of determining your needed preparatory or specific elements, micro cycles, deload weeks, integrated mobility, and each detail down to the sets and repetitions. All of your time is spent in the gym developing your awesome body rather than figuring out what to do.

Focus less on planning and more on your results.


Access to the Largest Bodyweight Forum in the World

Join the community for all things “gymnastics” and GymnasticBodies in general, with 125,848 total posts and over 8,000 members. As a VIP Member, you get additional private forums where you can ask questions and be guided to success.


"The body will either live up to or live down to your expectations.  It is up to you to decide what those expectations are." -Coach Sommer

A Small Price to Pay for Real Results

Coach Sommer’s personal private clients pay $450/month for their training. Due to amazing technology, it will only cost you $170 for the GB starter package.

Experience the training that has produced
National Champions and put yourself on the path to becoming our next success story.


Learn How to Workout the Right Way

Try our program with the comfort of a 30 day money back promise and put your fitness and exercise in the express lane . Guaranteed. Coach Sommer’s system has been proven by many athletes around the world and now he will take you step-by-step as if you were training as one of his athletes. The results will give you 100% satisfaction. Find out why Coach Sommer’s articles are featured in Crossfit, T-nation and Dragondoor, and see the results yourself.



Cutting Edge

Coach Sommer has brought fitness standards of training to a whole new level of excellence .

The question is, are you ready to be reborn with success? If you are not happy, you can expect a full refund.


Here's What the Professionals Have to Say

“The mobility is put together so well. It confirms to me that most people have mobility that is pathological. In my work as a Physio I treat many people with rotator cuff injuries. They have mobility that comes nowhere near what is in this program. If only they did these mobility exercises before they got injured! This whole program is so well thought out. You are too cheap coach! This is worth way more. I truly believe this is the best program I have seen that is also beneficial in terms of musculoskeletal health.”

- Mark Collins, Physiotherapist


Orench Lagman

After discovering Coach Sommer’s web site, I decided to attend his seminar. Ever since then I’ve changed my whole view on strength training, recovery cycles and training principles.

Physically, I’ve changed from a 225 lbs to a lean 160 lb athlete. I realized that all that extra mass just slowed me down and over trained my shoulder joint to the point of pain. Now, I have greater functional range of motion on all my joints and feel great. And needless to say my strength is still solid if not stronger now.

Coach Sommer and his whole staff in Arizona are top level experts without the egos. I’ve been a strength coach since 1999, and have been to a whole bunch of so called “exercise leaders” but nothing matches GymnasticBodies’ explanations and applications of progressive effective exercises. If you’re truly looking for real strength this the real deal!

Jason Ingram

Paul Watson

I look forward to attending GymnasticsBodies seminars each time because of the pursuit of excellence.

I have not found another program that structures some of the incredibly demanding elements of gymnastics strength in all it’s forms of flexibility, balance, mobility, muscle strength including the connective tissue (ligaments and tendon) where the real ability to create power resides.

This system has produced a very visual and dynamic expression of strength that is equally pleasing to see.

GymnasticBodies is no better expressed than in the dedication and genius of it’s creator Coach Sommer. Coach Sommer has managed to hone his many years at an elite level coach and cater his technique for those new but excited to learn this dynamic way to strengthen their bodies. GymnasticsBodies has challenged me to focus my efforts to balance my strengths with my weaknesses to create the body that I feel I am most proud of. GymnasticsBodies allows you to dream realistically by starting with the right tools.

Erik Sjolin

I started the GymnasticBodies course six years ago when I was 18, and immediately fell in love with the beauty of the movement and the strength gained from it. It took five years to accomplish, but a kid who could not do a single pull up was doing full layout front levers, handstand presses and many other feats I never thought were possible.

Thanks to the course and the seminar, which was always a great experience to meet and be trained by Coach Sommer, I was able to find a strength I’d had inside me, but wasn’t able to see.

Joshua Slocum

I began training gymnastics as a freshman in college, 7 years ago. Since then I have tried many strength training programs and methodologies. I have not found anything else that comes close to the Gymnastics Bodies curriculum in terms of depth, quality, comprehensiveness or sheer effectiveness.

Since starting the Foundation and Handstand courses in April 2013, I have not only enjoyed consistent gains in strength, but also improved joint health, extended range of motion in many areas, and a much cleaner handstand line.

The integrated mobility elements are a gem not found in any other program, and the progressions are carefully arranged so that the jump from one exercise to the next is always manageable. Moreover, the GB staff has been continually working to improve the courses based on feedback from the community: as time progresses, the courses continue to become more useful and easier to use.

I have 2 jobs and am beginning a start up dental practice, but the with GymnasticsBodies system, GB community, and Coach Sommer - I sure do get to train like a gymnast - and that makes all the difference in the world!

With the Gymnastics Bodies training, I chipped away at my weaknesses and worked on those basics - the static holds, the mobility sequences , and the dynamic progressions. I was patient and consistent, and my body responded. I even began to surpass my strength at my prime as a teenager. I have some other personal goals to work toward: a one arm chin up, 5 second one arm handstand, and 10 consecutive seated press handstands (currently at 6).

I believe in basics. I know that simple does not mean easy. I value mastery and enjoy the toil of achieving excellence. I truly believe in the value of Gymnastics Bodies

Desiree Walker

This past weekend I attended a 3 day Gymnastic Bodies Seminar and was completely blown away.

To give some background, I’ve been dabbling in gymnastic strength training for several years now at a park during lunch breaks with my co-workers. My training hasn’t been very focused and progress was pretty slow. Still I was having a good time, getting some sun and building a bit of strength along the way. More recently, I was asked by the owner of a local CrossFit gym, who had observed my ability to do front levers, slow bar muscle-ups and hold a decent handstand if I’d be interested in helping him train a class emphasizing bodyweight exercise. I decided to go for it, but wanted to make sure I was doing the best job that I could, so I decided it would be a good time to attend one of Coach Sommer’s seminars.

The seminar covered everything listed and more. Coach’s lectures alone were well worth the price of admission. And he always has his athletes there to demonstrate the effectiveness of his methods. These athletes go on to win medals at the highest levels. It’s obvious that his material is the most comprehensive of anything available.

Carmen Amara

Gymnasticbodies has become part of my daily training. After 5 years of learning from Coach Sommer my overall gains have been exponential. I have achieved a fitness level beyond my expectations. The seminars are a staple in obtaining the hands-on training that one needs to obtain outstanding results. Because of what I have learned, I can train in many other areas and be good at it. I highly recommend Gymnasticbodies to all ages groups. Thank you Gymnasticbodies for all you have done for me.


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